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Michael Giovanni Amato (AKA "Giovanni") comes from a family of talented musicians. His father, John Amato, is a recorded saxphone artist with Motown, and currently plays the sax, jazz flute and sings at the church he ministers. His mother, Fran Amato, plays multiple instruments including the bass guitar, piano and drums, as well as sings. His brother Dominic Amato is a highly respect jazz saxophonist, well known in the Arizona valley and making a name for himself in the jazz world.

Giovanni began singing at an early age, but it wasn`t until he joined a church choir that he began to discover that he had a true gift and passion for singing. At 19 he moved to Denver, Colorado for a new beginning. While in Denver,he began doing studio recording sessions for various local artists. In the year 2000, at the age of 20, he moved back to Arizona and became a member of Tribe 7, a local dance band, and he began his professional career as a vocalist. He continued singing with Tribe 7, but further established his name singing with other various artists and bands all over the valley such as: Tierra, Static, Shining Star, Reborn Disciple, Quantum, Soul Check, 602 Rising and now Static.

Crowds have enjoyed his charismatic charm and amazing performances at the Phoenix Suns Games, Diamondback Games, night clubs, corporate events, charity balls, casinos, weddings and private parties all over the valley. Gio has entertained at The House of Blues in Anaheim California, The Cajun House, Barcelona in Scottsdale and Chandler, Harrah Casino, Cliff Castle Casino, Spa Resort and Casino  in Palm Springs, Chuckchansi Casino in Yosemite Park California, American Red Cross, Make a Difference Foundation, The B Lounge at America West Arena, the half time show at US Airways, Phoenix Suns charity events, The Biltmore, The JW Marriott, The Venue, The Arizona Beach Club, The Velvet Room, Hon-Dah Casino, Eulich Gardens Six Flags Denver Colorado, Mateo`s, The Orange Tree Golf Resort, Phoenix Jazz Festival, Phoenix Open, Oscar Taylor`s and many, many other hot spots and specail events.

His ability to sing a wide range of music and his increible vocals have been bringing crowds to their feet and leaving them wanting more! With his long time girlfriend, Jenny, and now their beautiful new son, Elijah, by his side, he is even more inspired to take his career to the next level. With 10 years of experience singing other peoples music, he`s anxious to make his own solo album. He feels God has truely blessed him with a talent that he can use to spread a good, insipring message with, and it`s his dream to be able to share his voice and music with the world.Currently collaborating with local musicians as well as producers in Denver and Arizona, he`s hoping to have his album done later this year.

Giovanni currently performs at Warrens Jazz Bistro in Gilbert Arizona with Static as well as other venues and events. He and the band invite you to come to Warrens anytime for dinner/drinks and stay for the live entertainment.If you are looking for his current gig schedaul, check out his updated MySpace page: Giovanni Amato`s Music MySpace


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